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3 Daily Habits That Improve Your Quality of Life

qual·i·ty of life*


  1. the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.

"the things that are needed for a good quality of life"

1. Find one thing to be grateful for.

In the midst of all of our hardships, there is always something to be grateful for-- silver linings, if you will. I started this practice years ago and it's been beneficial to me. Many of those near and dear to me find me randomly asking, "What are you grateful for today? It could be anything, even the simplest thing." Choose one thing and delight in it. Sometimes I'm grateful for the sunshine, a delicious meal, employment, loved ones, for health, etc. The list goes on. Even on the crappiest day, you can find ONE silver lining...even if it does take a little effort.

2. DO something that makes you smile or feel good.

The key word here is "DO." Again, I look towards simplicity here. You don't have to dine at fancy Ruth's Chris or go on some amazing adventure to smile or feel good. You can catch up with a person you love, watch a comedy, get your workout in, or go for a walk. Heck, getting my eyebrows done makes me feel good. Figure out what you enjoy and try to incorporate those things into your day-to-day (as long as you're not harming anyone else). The point is, making a conscious effort to do the things you enjoy will add to your quality of life. Don't believe me? Just watch.

3. Speak life.

Speak life. That whole idea of "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me," is garbage. We are humans with feelings (men, this includes you too) and words have the ability to both build us up, and tear us down. Compliments, encouragement, and appreciation go a long way. Simple expressions of thankfulness or complimenting someone on a job well done will not take away from who you are. Nope, it will not kill you. In fact, it may do the opposite. Speaking kind words to others may actually help you feel good. How so? Welp, If you're not a miserable person, seeing others feel good based on something you've told them, will likely have the same effect on you. Speaking life is a form of positive verbal generosity. Try it out today. And of course, don't forget to speak that same life into yourself.

What simple daily habits add to your quality of life? Leave your tips and comments below. If you already incorporate any of the above, comment and let us know how it's working out for you. Enjoy the rest of your week, beautiful people!

*Source: Google definition

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