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When you're posting photos of your handmade Valentine's Day Cards on Instagram and your friend comments,  "You selling those Jilly?" 

The Nitty Gritty

That was the question that planted the seed for what is now JiJi Designs Paperie, LLC, better known as JiJi D. Oh, and we actually still have a screen shot of that post from January 31, 2015.  How grateful we were to be asked such a simple question.


As stated on our homepage, JiJi D. makes simply dope* designs. :-) We specialize in custom handcrafted greeting cards, designed to tug at the recipient's heartstrings.  Not only do we take pride in making a a unique front card cover, but we also take the time to make the inside of each card just as unique-- something you don't see everyday.  We use quality card stock, pretty patterned paper, and other fun accessories to add some pizazz to our cards.   

In addition to our greeting cards, JiJi D. also delights in dabbling with the creation of invitations (digital included) and other fun miscellaneous items such as party banners, wall art, and party props.


Next time you're in the business of making someone feel special, don't hesitate to contact us for some help or fill out our online order form

Dope* is defined by Google as: adjective, informal, adjective: dope, very good.

     "that suit is dope!"

* * * * * *

Who is JiJi?

Jillian aka JiJi

First things first, I poppa... (j/k): The nickname "GiGi" was given to Jillian by her father as a child.  She decided that since her name actually starts with a "J" she'd run with "JiJi" instead for her business

Background:  West Indian (St. Lucian) heritage from the South Bronx to the DMV (DC, MD, VA)


Currently Residing in: Atlanta, GA


Enjoys: crafting (duhh), cooking, eating good food, blush pink, home decor/design, fashion, dancing, drawing-- especially figure drawing and her niche of ink patterned drawings, travel, spending time with loved ones, stimulating conversation, learning, children, adventure (actually looking forward to skydiving at some point in the near future)

Favorite Food: West Indian (especially curry, callaloo, saltfish, fried bakes, souse, tassot, black rice), Thai, Italian, hot wings, empanadas, lasagna, and her own specialty shepherd's pie

Favorite Music: soca, neo-soul, reggae, dancehall, Christian music (because she loves Christ)

Favorite TV Shows: Fixer Upper, Game of Thrones, Graceland, Power 

Things that Catch Her Eye: bold colors, patterns (she needs to stop buying so many patterned pants and tops because they don't always go together), clean white kitchens with large wooden islands

Currently Working On: creating more cards, improving the JiJi D. website for visitors, and living out her new mantra, "Live Loved"

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