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Custom Orders:

Please read the below carefully.

  • All custom orders, except for custom greeting cards, will

       incur a non-refundable $10 design fee for the first

       iteration.  This fee will be rolled into the total price of                 your order. You are allowed two free revisions per request.  

  • The third revision and any additional thereafter, will incur an additional $10 fee per revision.   

  • Allow at least 15 business days from order date for delivery of Custom Orders.  Orders placed less than 15 business days in advance will incur an additional $10 charge.

  • Invitation pricing is dependent upon time, materials, and volume. 


  • Standard Greeting Cards

  • Custom Greeting Cards*

  • Event Invitations

  • Digital Invitations

  • Party Banners

  • Wall Decor (artistic, affirmations, etc.)

  • Business Card Designs


  • $5 - $10

  • $24+

  • $2/ea +

  • $15+

  • $18+

  • $10+ 

  • $25


*Custom Greeting Cards  pricing includes consultation; we only create custom greeting cards in bulk with a minimum of qty 5 cards

Feel free to use the form below for any type of request. JiJi D. only processes custom greeting card orders of qty 5 or more. Orders for custom greeting cards that are less than qty 5 will be canceled and customer will be notified.   

Use N/A in fields that don't apply.