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  • Jillian "JiJi" Emmanuel

DIY Holiday Card

The holidays will be here in a jiffy and we've got a simple card that you can make. Everything you need is pictured below along with instructions. At the end of the post, we've got an optional version that features sequins in case you decide to

spice it up!

Don't forget to share your own version of this card with us! Scroll to the bottom of the blog post and you'll see why. :-)


You will need:

1. Spray adhesive ("glue") or double-side tape

2. 17" red and white rope

3. ruler for measuring

4. 11.5" x 5.75" card stock folded in half (top fold); we'll call this main card stock

5. 5.75"x 1.5" black velvet card stock

6. 5.75" wide thin strip gold card stock

7. 5.75" wide thin strip green card stock

(twice as thick as gold strip)

8. 5.75" x 4" decorative holiday paper

9. mini hot glue gun


10. sequins: gold, red (not pictured above)

11. hot glue gun or Krazy/super glue, tiny tube


1. Use spray glue/double-sided tape to adhere all paper strips (gold, green, velvet, black, and holiday pattern) to main card stock

Be sure to adhere the gold strip to green strip, first. Once completed, it should look like a single strip as pictured below.

  1. Fold main card stock in half and position paper with the fold at the top.

  2. Adhere holiday paper to lower portion of main card stock, leaving space for black velvet paper strip at the top.

  3. Adhere black velvet strip directly above the holiday paper. (Note that the velvet and holiday paper take up the entire front of the card.)

  4. Adhere the gold and green strip directly beneath the black velvet paper, onto the patterned paper. We advise adhering it onto the holiday paper rather than the velvet as it may not stick well if your glue isn't top quality.

2. Tie red and white string into bow

  1. Cut 17" piece of red and white string.

  2. Tie into a bow as if you were tying a shoelace.

3. Adhere bow to card with hot glue gun

  1. Plug in glue gun and let it get warm.

  2. Squeeze a small/dot size of glue to the green and gold strip.

  3. Quickly place bow onto the glue and let it dry.

OPTIONAL: Adhere sequins to card

  1. Select 3 sequins, 2 red, 1 gold.

  2. Use the glue gun or krazy/super glue to adhere each sequin to the card as pictured below. NOTE: Do squeeze glue down for first sequin, adhere it to the card, and repeat the same step for the second and third sequins. Do not squeeze out glue for all three sequins at once and then proceed to adhere them to the card. Hot glue dries quickly and each sequin may not have time adhere if you proceed in this fashion.

  3. Voila! Your card is done!

Note that you can use any colors and patterned paper for your card. You also don't need sequins to jazz it up. You can use rhinestones, beads, etc. Please feel free to comment, and questions, and share your version of the card with us. We will feature it on one of our social media accounts. :-)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful holiday season!

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